Church of God, The Eternal

Church of God, The Eternal is a remnant of the Worldwide Church of God still teaching the original doctrines first proclaimed by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong.

We accept these doctrines as the divine revelation of Jesus Christ to His Church of the last days, given through the inspiration of a chosen servant; teachings that were blessed by God, producing an annual growth of 30% over four decades, with incredible blessings in the lives of those who practiced the same in faith.

What makes this remnant group truly different from the 300+ splinter groups of our parent organization? No one else believes what Mr. Armstrong originally taught about Truth—that it comes only by revelation to a chosen servant, and even that servant has no authority to change what Christ gave! Read it for yourself: From The Plain Truth, July 1965.

In April 1973, Mr. Armstrong prophesied what would happen if the church’s doctrine on Divorce and Remarriage were ever changed! Again, read it for yourself: From a Bible Study on Divorce and Remarriage; Pasadena, April 1973. (To listen to the audio version, click here.)