A Direct Quote of Herbert W. Armstrong, Transcribed From an Audio Recording of a Bible Study on Divorce and Remarriage

Following is a direct quote of Herbert W. Armstrong, transcribed from an audio recording of a Bible Study on Divorce and Remarriage held at the Ambassador College Gymnasium; Pasadena, California; April 13, 1973:

So I will just tell you now, that I myself, cannot see one scintilla of an argument so far that is going to overthrow the teaching of God’s Church on divorce and remarriage. . . If we would do that, brethren, do you know what would happen in less than another three months? I’ll bet you nearly hundreds and hundreds of members of the Worldwide Church of God would divorce and they would go out and marry someone else. And that would be the end of the Worldwide Church of God—and Jesus Christ would spue us out of his mouth. And anyone who does go and do that will get spued out. I have to warn you.

With the above statement, Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong prophesied precisely what would take place a few months later when the Worldwide Church of God—with the approval of Mr. Armstrong himself and despite his own warning—turned away from the original teaching on divorce and remarriage. With that change, hundreds and hundreds of families were destroyed, the sanctity of marriage—picturing the Christ/Church relationship—was defiled, and God did spue the church out of His mouth.

But God promised to preserve the remnant who would remain faithful to that form of doctrine first delivered to them. While continuing to honor Mr. Herbert Armstrong as the servant through whom God raised up His end-time Church, members of Church of God, The Eternal remain steadfast in the complete body of doctrine Mr. Armstrong first proclaimed under the inspiration of the Eternal God. This ministry continues faithfully to feed God’s flock and to seek out the lost sheep, just as it was commissioned to do.