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Looking on the One We Pierced

September 2013 Dear Brethren: Outside the wall of Jerusalem three stakes stand out against the skyline. Bodies are still suspended from them. Now the sound of marching feet is heard; a company of soldiers approaches. They stand before one of the stakes. Looking carefully at the first crucified man and concluding that he is still… Read more »

The Meaning of God’s Fall Festivals

August 2013 Dear Brethren: I send greetings from the state of Minnesota, the land of ten thousand lakes. It is a pleasure once again to address the beloved of God around the world—those holding fast to the doctrine once delivered by God’s end-time servant. This will be a “meat in due season” letter for the… Read more »

The Character Traits a True Christian Must Possess

July 2013 Dear Brethren: Once again, very warm greetings from us here in far Bukidnon, Philippine Islands. May the grace and peace from God abound with you always. First, I thank our Father in heaven, through Jesus Christ, for all of you, and constantly I remember you in my prayers that you stay healthy, prospering… Read more »

Take Heed to Yourselves

March 2013 Dear Brethren: Welcome to the annual pre-Passover “meat in due season” letter 2013. A very special greeting from deep in the heart of Texas to all of the children of God, set apart by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. Are you ready for another Passover, ready to drink the blood… Read more »

God’s Peculiar Treasure Part XI: A Tale of Two Students, Conclusion

February 2013 Dear Brethren: Last November, we continued our analysis of the history of the Radio Church of God and the work of Mr. Herbert Armstrong, delving deeper into the events which ultimately allowed for the radical shift in organizational and cultural personality from the 1930s through the 1980s. That church did indeed change dramatically,… Read more »

Spiritual Healing of Wounds and Scars

January 2013 Dear Brothers and Sisters: Very warm greetings to you all. I trust that your morale and your spiritual orientation are sound, whatever circumstances you encounter in your personal lives. Let us not allow our spiritual growth to dwindle with the passing of time. Remember the day of your call: when you entered into… Read more »