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Do You Still Love the Truth More Than Anything Else?

December 2019   Greetings Brethren:           What a true blessing it was to be able to assemble in God’s presence and worship Him during the Feast of Tabernacles and Last Great Day. Did you have fun? Were you relaxed? After the planning, preparation, and probably stressful times right before the Feast, did you find yourself at… Read more »

Do You Know Jesus Christ Personally?

November 2019   Dear Brethren:           I want to talk about one topic which many people have not understood. We know that the Kingdom of God will be assured by Jesus Christ, but do we know the Jesus Christ who will come with that Kingdom? We know the Sabbaths of the Lord, but do we know the… Read more »

The True Source of Abundance and Joy

May 2019   Dear Brethren:            As we approach the autumn Holy Day season, which pictures the completion of God’s glorious work with mankind, it is a good opportunity to take stock of our real hopes and aspirations for the future. For the most part, people of this world live in a state of hopelessness and… Read more »

We Are Called to Be Generous

August 2019   Dear Brethren: Warm greetings to all brothers and sisters in Christ.           Jesus is the most generous person who ever lived. He left the comforts of heaven, took on human flesh, and gave His life on the stake so that we might live in Him. In response to Jesus’ generosity, we are called… Read more »

Our Declaration of Independence Before God

July 2019   Dear Brethren,            In spite of conditions deteriorating around the world, all of us here in Maryville, Tennessee, give a very warm and special greeting to all of you. Our prayers and thoughts are with you continually as we hold fast to the revealed Truth in these troubled times. In this month of… Read more »

Will You Be Among God’s Firstfruits?

June 2019 (A Re-print from June 2005)   Dear Brethren:           Warm greetings from all here in the island of Mindanao, Southern Philippines.           It is really uplifting to have this opportunity again to speak to you through this letter and share with you matters of great importance for the people of God—members of the remnant group… Read more »

Identifying Leavening

April 2019   Greetings Brethren:            How blessed we are to be approaching another spring Holy Day season. Not only will we begin another annual cycle of observing God’s Holy Days, but we are reminded of His Master Plan of salvation and our requirements for salvation. It is a reminder because we have been taught the… Read more »

Are You Preparing Your Wedding Garment?

January 2019   Dear Brethren:            We (Nancy and I) offer and extend another warm greeting from Minnesota, the land of ten thousand lakes, the land where the elite meet the sleet. We take this opportunity again to greet every one of you who know and love the Truth as it was originally revealed, and to… Read more »

Examine Yourself With the Word of God

January 2019   Dear Brethren:            We greet you, hoping that you do not allow yourselves to become discouraged by the trying circumstances within and those that we see in the world around us. They must not alter your confidence in God and your faithfulness to your call. On the contrary, they must prompt us to… Read more »


December 2018   Greetings Brethren:            Winter is upon us, and we continue to move farther away from the Feast of Tabernacles. What a blessing it was to convoke in God’s presence, to be filled with more knowledge of His Way, and to experience real peace, love and joy. Now that we have returned to our… Read more »


September 2018   Dear Brethren:                                                              Greetings, in the name of the soon-coming King of Kings and our Savior Jesus Christ. We are in another year, and it is amazing how the year is fast running away. I would like to write about something that has been left behind, and many do not possess it, be… Read more »

Christian Character

August 2018   Dear Brethren:            Greetings, our brothers and sisters in the Faith, from all of us here in Mindanao, Philippines.            Ever wonder why schoolteachers drill young students on basics like addition, subtraction, and the alphabet? Consider this: those few simple exercises are the foundation that all future learning—and all future success—is built upon. That… Read more »

We Are Called to a Life of Suffering

July 2018   Dear Brethren:            A very warm greeting to all of you brethren around the world whom God has called during this most troubled time.            Can you count it all joy when you fall into various trials? Those of us in God’s church understand that we are called by God (2 Peter 1:10). But… Read more »

What the Human Body Symbolizes in the Spirit

May 2018   Dear Brethren and Church of the Firstborn:            The Day of Pentecost is almost upon us. This day pictures the coming of God’s Holy Spirit, which we celebrated for nearly forty years on a Monday before it was changed to a Sunday in 1974. The tragic result was that the whole church has… Read more »

We Are Fighting a Spiritual Battle

April 2017   Greetings Brethren,            We recently began a new year according to God’s calendar and are, or soon will be, witnessing the annual cycle of renewal that God designed within His physical creation on Earth. Vegetation will be sprouting, and across the spectrum of the animal kingdom babies will be born. New life is… Read more »

We Must Ask God for Reproof and Correction

March 2018   Dear Brethren:            We offer and extend another warm greeting from Minnesota, the land of ten thousand lakes, the land where “many are cold but few are frozen” in winter. This will be a meat-in-due-season letter for the Days of Unleavened Bread. We hope this letter finds you keeping yourself in good physical… Read more »

Appearance and Dress, Part II

February 2018   Dear Brethren:            In the December 2017 issue of this Letter, I adopted a first-person writing style to address an important issue with all of you, namely: proper appearance and attire. We will complete that topic here, and I pray that at least some of you are of a mind to take the… Read more »

Become As Little Children

January 2018   Dear Brethren:            Our warmest greetings to you all who are fighting the good fight of faith while walking in the narrow way that leads you to salvation. Here we are in the year 2018 according to the calendar established by man. Although the nations are gloriously celebrating this new year, it can… Read more »

Appearance and Dress, Part I

December 2017   Dear Brethren:           Many religious groups employ unique customs that make them stand out from the crowd. Some are designed intentionally to advertize their sects, while other practices simply may be part of their heartfelt creeds. Although Sikhs—as an ethnic group—are very common in the Far East, their practice of wearing turbans often… Read more »

The Winter Months

November 2017   Dear Brethren:            How blessed we are to have observed another Feast of Tabernacles. While it is true that our attendance is required at one of the locations where God places His name, the sacrifice and effort you made to attend was not done grudgingly. You did so with purpose and enthusiasm, even… Read more »

The Meaning of Trumpets and Atonement

September 2017   Dear Brethren:            Greetings to our brothers and sisters in faith from all of us here in Mindanao, Philippines.            Most Christians find little meaning in these days, but could they hold an important message for you and your future?            The Bible speaks of a time before Christ’s return when the earth will be… Read more »

The Prodigal-son Syndrome

July 2017   Dear Brethren:            A very warm greeting once again from the Philippines, and special greetings to our young people who are now fellowshipping at Camp Tejas. After Pentecost we all look forward to the soon-coming fall festivals. These are God’s Sabbaths that He pronounces as a sign between Him and His people. As… Read more »

The Called of God Cannot Overcome Using Willpower

May 2017   Dear Brethren,            We offer and extend another warm greeting from Minnesota, the land of ten thousand lakes. We trust all continues well with you despite the many things we do not fully understand in this life. This will be a meat-in-due-season letter for Pentecost.            After baptism, we entered into a war of… Read more »