Marriage and Family in God’s Plan

September 2015

Greetings Brethren:

The Feast of Tabernacles 2015 imminently approaches. The Day of Atonement
signifies the time of worldwide change—when Satan will no longer be the god of this world.
It also is a prelude to the arrival of the Millennium. Therefore, the Feast of Tabernacles
correctly follows the Day of Atonement. It is a time of great benefit to humanity. Also, it
is a time when the firstfruits, resurrected at the coming of Christ, will assume their positions
of ruling authority with their husband—Jesus Christ—in a husband/wife dominion.

For the true followers of Jesus Christ, the Feast of Tabernacles is a time to experience
a foretaste of the Kingdom of God. It is a time to come to know the will of God, to restrain
the carnal self, and to live the abundant life. Thus, if the Feast of Tabernacles is a living
foretaste of the soon-coming Kingdom and Millennial reign of Christ and His wife, it would
seem imperative to know how that Kingdom will come about.

When Jesus Christ returns to restore the government of God, one of the first great
events to take place will be the most exciting wedding of all time. His marriage with ancient
Israel at Mount Sinai will pale in comparison. This time the Church has been made up of
repentant spiritual Israelites whom God has specifically called to salvation. She has made
herself ready for marriage. She has thoroughly repented. She has changed inwardly. She
is committed to becoming the wife and helpmate Christ is looking for.

The Church in the New Testament is called the bride of Christ. Notice the
comparison: “For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the
church . . . That he might present it to himself a glorious church . . .” (Ephesians 5:23, 27).
This reveals plainly as Mr. Armstrong taught that the husband/wife relationship is also that
of Christ and the Church.

When will Christ present the Church to Himself? When it has been
glorified—changed from matter to spirit, from human to divine.

And I heard as it were the voice . . . saying, Alleluia: for the Lord God
omnipotent reigneth. Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him [the
Father]: for the marriage of the Lamb [Christ] is come, and his wife hath made
herself ready. And to her [Christ’s wife] was granted that she should be
arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness
of saints (Revelation 19:6–8).

The Church—the righteous saints, God’s Family Kingdom in embryo—is here
described as being presented to Christ a glorious (or glorified) Church, without spot or
wrinkle. Why? It is because they have come under the shed blood of Jesus Christ and have
been washed from their sins.

And he [an angel] saith unto me [John], Write [the vision of the marriage of
the Lamb], Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the
Lamb (Revelation 19:9).

Mr. Armstrong taught us there was a marriage between the Word and the ancient
congregation of Israel! The Old Covenant was a marriage covenant. The Word said, “I am
married unto you” (Jeremiah 3:14). But because of her backsliding adulteries, the Word—the
God of the Old Covenant—put her away and gave her a bill of legal separation (Jeremiah
3:8). But marriage is for life. Only the death of either party dissolves it. The Word was still
bound to that marriage covenant. Ancient Israel, of course, was the church in the wilderness
(Acts 7:38), called the “congregation of Israel.” To unbind that marriage, ancient Israel’s
husband—the Word, the second personage of the Godhead—came in the likeness of sinful
flesh and died. Christ’s death ended the Old Covenant marriage. It left Jesus Christ free to
marry again when He was born again by a resurrection—born divine, as very God, the first
of many brethren! It is these true Christians having been perfected (Ephesians 4:12–13), who
will be resurrected in glory and divine power at the time of Christ’s return. Thus having been
born of God, they will be presented to Him as a bride “without spot or wrinkle.”

The resurrected Church is the firstfruits of the Kingdom of God. The Father is the
Head. Christ is His Son. The Church who has been changed to spirit immortality, is Christ’s
wife. The terms that all denote God’s future Family are Father, Son, husband, bride,
marriage, wife and children. The physical types the spiritual. Jesus gave a further picture
of this marriage to come in the parable of Matthew 25.

Then shall the kingdom of heaven [a kingdom ruled from heaven] be likened
unto ten virgins, which took their lamps [their spiritual lives, either prepared
or unprepared], and went forth to meet the bridegroom . . . And at midnight
there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him.
. . . and they that were ready [made ready] went in with him to the marriage:
and the door was shut [no other firstfruits] (Matthew 25:1, 6, 10).

The marriage of the Church to the glorified Christ is referred to also in Matthew 22:2:
“The kingdom of heaven [a kingdom ruled from heaven] is like unto a certain king [the
Father—the first personage of the Godhead], which made a marriage for his son.” The
question is: Why this divine marriage—this marriage within the very Family or Kingdom
of God? We will let Mr. Armstrong answer that question from his booklet, Why Marriage?
Soon Obsolete!
, page 42:

First, this gives us additional positive evidence that the Kingdom of God
is a Family—with Father, Son, and His wife! Those in the true Church of
God, now begotten as heirs, are already now children of God, not yet born,
who call Him Father! But, then these begotten children of God will be born
of God—still His children just as Christ is still His Son—then divine—but also
then we (collectively) shall be Christ’s wife.

                      And why? What then?

Then many children will be Spirit-born of that divine union—it will
greatly enlarge the Divine Family which is the Kingdom of God.


During the thousand years beginning from the time of that marriage,
God, through Christ and His divine Wife, will set Himself to save the

Christ is coming with His wife to expand the God Kingdom through marriage and
family. Mr. Armstrong explained it this way on page 44 of the same booklet:

One of the first things He will do is to depose Satan (Rev. 20:1–3).
There will be no competition! Satan won’t be around to compete! Man shall
have had his allotted 6,000 years to write the lesson of rebellion against the
Laws and government of God! Man has written that lesson, in human anguish
and suffering, and in human blood! But man, to this day, refuses to learn or
heed the lesson!

But, with Satan out of the way, with the glorified Christ ruling, with
His glorious marriage to His Bride, the Spirit-born of God, that marriage will
beget millions upon millions of children!

                      Christ, then, will set His hand to save the world!! . . .

During the Millennium all will be living in a world ruled by Christ and His wife!
Christ has chosen not to be complete without His helpmate. Christ’s marriage to His Bride
will form a husband/wife dominion or government that God will use to convert the world.
God will use Christ’s marriage to His Bride to produce children to expand the God Family.

But the question is: How will this marriage produce children to expand the God
Family? Again, let Mr. Armstrong answer that question from his booklet, page 45:

Those who are called, now, during this time, and who do repent, who
do receive Christ as Saviour, do follow God’s Spirit, do overcome, not only
will be in the marriage to Christ—they are to rule with Him (Rev. 2:26–27;
3:21; I Cor. 6:2–3) and they shall be priests as well as kings (Rev. 5:10; 20:6).

With the saints made immortal—the collective Wife of Christ—the
human mortals left alive on earth will be ruled by Christ and by them. The
human mortals will be taught and ruled by immortals. . . .

With Satan gone, human mortals will finally be taught the truth in opposition to all
previous teachings, suppositions and ideas about things relating to God. Christ and His wife
will enforce God’s perfect Law—which is the way of love and outgoing concern for others.
They will enforce God’s government on earth. They will compel haughty, carnal, rebellious
human mortals to yield in complete submission to God’s government. The people will learn
to love God and their neighbor as God’s Law requires. No one will be deceived—as the vast
majority of mankind is today. All will know the Truth. No more religious confusion. Minds
will be opened to that Truth. Human mortals will have the opportunity to become teachable
and start living God’s way—the way of outgoing concern for others, of peace, of happiness,
of well-being, and joy.

Crime, sickness, disease, pain and suffering—GONE! Poverty and ignorance will be
banished. One pure language! There will be smiles on people’s faces that radiate to one
another. Wild animals will be tame. Air, water, soil pollution and drought—GONE! Crystal
pure water to drink; clean, crisp, pure air to breathe; rich black soil where deserts, mountains
and seas formerly were, that produces full-flavored, healthy foods, and fantastic beauty in
flowers, shrubs, and trees. A world filled with happy, blissful, joyous, elated humans,
guided, helped, protected and ruled by former mortals made immortal.

Again, quoting from Mr. Armstrong’s booklet, page 45:

. . . The human mortals will be taught and ruled by immortals. Those
who do then repent and come to salvation through Christ will then receive
God’s gift of His Holy Spirit. And then they shall inherit the Kingdom of God!

After His return as King over all nations, sitting on the Throne of His
Glory, then shall Christ say to the converted, “Come, ye blessed of my Father,
inherit the Kingdom” (Matthew 25:31–34). Thus they shall be born of
God—be born into the Family of God.

Thus the marriage of the converted Church to Christ will
result in the begettal and birth of divine children
—children who,
during the thousand-year reign with Christ, are Spirit-born—and in all
probability, untold millions of them! Read it also in Isaiah 11:10–13 and
Romans 11:25–26, and many other scriptures!!!

Spiritual blindness in part has happened to physical Israel today until the day of
man—his 6,000 years to rule himself—is complete. Then, in that day of Christ’s return, the
Eternal shall set His hand again the second time to recover the remnant of His people—by
removing spiritual blindness. Then, during the Millennium, beginning from the time of
Christ’s marriage to His Bride—the Church, who has made herself ready—the Father,
through Christ and His divine wife, will set Himself to convert the world. Billions of
begotten children will be born of God to expand the God Family. Mr. Armstrong says on the
last two pages of his booklet:

So, finally, grasp this stupendous truth!

Incredible as it may sound to those deceived by the god of this world
and his false ministers, God is a Family!

God is the Creator Family, who rules His creation. Therefore God
also is a Kingdom! And in man, God is reproducing his kind (Gen. 1:26).

Marriage and family life is a God-plane relationship!

Man’s potential—the purpose for human life on this earth—is to be
into the Kingdom of God—the God Family!

Down through history, the philosophers, the great minds, the
priests—cut off from God’s revelation—have sought in vain to reason out in
their minds some meaning to human life—some purpose for our being. The
true answer has been written all along, in God’s Word!

Animals reproduce—but animals do not marry. Animals do not enjoy
the blessings of home and family life.

Angels do not have sex (Mat. 22:30), and do not marry.

Of all life forms—whether plant, animal or angel—none has been
given this God-plane relationship of marriage and family life, except
humans who are potential heirs of the God Family.

God is more than one Person. There is only the One God—but that
God is a Family of more than one divine Person—having the Father at its
Head—Jesus Christ as His divine Son—those converted up to the time of
Christ’s coming in Power and Glory, as Christ’s Wife—and those converted
and changed to divine immortals afterward, during the millennium, as the
divine children of that union!

Man’s stupendous potential is to enter divine family life!

Man’s super-colossal reason for being is to be married to Christ.
Marriage is of god!

Marriage is for man—as well as for God—because man was made in
God’s likeness, to bear His divine image!

Marriage is a most sacred supernatural blessing—and its violation,
once entered into, is a capital sin, imposing the penalty of capital
ETERNAL punishment! Eternal DEATH! Unless each
repents—turns from the sin—and receives salvation by God’s grace through

Marriage was given mankind to prepare us for eternal life in the
divine God Family!

Two of the Ten Commandments of God’s basic spiritual Law directly
and specifically protect the sacred marriage state.

There can be no more wonderful physical blessing in this mortal human
life than a happy marriage, based on true love, honor, integrity and
faithfulness—especially when there are growing children to love, care for,
teach, and rear in the nurture and admonition of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Marriage soon to become obsolete? NEVER!

On the contrary, the only humans left in existence after God’s Master
Plan has finally worked out His purpose here below will be those made
immortal and divine, living for eternity in the happy, blissful, family union
that is the life of the Ever-Living God!

Can you grasp this colossal truth?

I have given you, here, the greatest, most precious and valuable truth
you can ever know!

Man, and only man, of all life forms in existence, can be born into the
God Family—which is the Kingdom of God! This was the Gospel of Jesus!

The family relationship is a God-plane relationship! And of all His
creatures, God bestowed it solely on man!

Of all life forms—whether plant, animal, or angel—man alone was
created for marriage!—For enjoying a home and a family relationship!

And man’s potential—the very purpose of human life—is that man,
born again—born of God—born into the God Family—may enjoy that
blessed marriage and family life in blissful happiness FOREVER!!!

Think on that!

And give God thanks!

How magnificent, beyond words to describe, is God’s Plan to reproduce Himself
through marriage and family. Christ’s rule will expand the God Family through a glorious
marriage to His Bride—Spirit-born firstfruits of God. This world, our neighbor enemy today,
will become God’s Family tomorrow. In man, changed inwardly, God is reproducing His
kind. No other vision has the power to cause us to overcome what we are by nature. We
must capture the vision that there will never be another Bride throughout all eternity. After
the first resurrection, NO ONE will ever be able to become part of that husband/wife
relationship or dominion God will use to expand His Family. The ultimate fulfillment of the
Church of the Firstborn comes through marriage as the backbone of God’s Plan. God has
chosen the Plan to be incomplete without Christ’s helpmate. Will you be part of that
marriage? I pray that God will give us all the visionary faith to overcome Satan, self and
society so that we will be.

Brethren, the Feast of Tabernacles is a channel by which we can receive God’s favor
to become a helpmate for His Son. The Father (God) is preparing a marriage for His Son.
He has called us to be married to the glorified Christ. Your determination to keep the Feast
where He has placed His name will confirm to God your real desire to be part of Christ’s
future wife. Happy endeavors for the Feast of Tabernacles 2015.

With deep love for God’s stupendous Truth,
Robert J. Litz signature
Robert J. Litz

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