Media Archive

On this page you will find links to index pages containing collections of current and archived audio and video. Please note that all new media is posted in either mp3 (audio) or mp4 (video) format. However, while it is our intent eventually to convert all video over to mp4, some archived video remains in Flash (.flv) format, which can be streamed directly, but which requires a stand-alone player for downloads. We recommend VLC Media Player.

Weekly Media

A catalog of weekly Sabbath messages presented in Eugene, Oregon for the preceding six month period, beginning with the most recent. Included are messages delivered live by Mr. Jon Brisby and others, as well as past taped messages on vital subjects by the late Mr. Raymond Cole.

Raymond C. Cole from 1990

Mr. Raymond Cole delivers a 4-part series on Marriage and Separation. These four messages are the only known video sermons extant by Mr. Cole.

Holy Day Media

An archive of messages on a wide variety of topics given for the Feast of Tabernacles, and beginning with 2009, including messages for all of God’s Holy Days.

Sermon Transcripts

Links to a selection of sermons, in text format, that explore a wide variety of topics that are vitally important to God’s Church in the last days.

Sacred Music

Order Audio CDs

Order online audio CDs of messages on a wide variety of subjects and have them delivered to you by mail.

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